Founded in 2010, DFO provides full-range market development solutions for fashion & lifestyle brands in Greater China.

Strategized by our experienced European team and operated by our wholly-owned Shanghai team, we develop and execute customized strategies to drive market development and localization. Our services include Wholesale, PR & Social Media, E-Commerce, Retail Development, Crossover Collaborations, and Financing.

DFO成立于2010年,由经验丰富的欧洲团队 制定战略 并由我们全资拥有的上海团队进 行运营管理,致力于为大中  时尚生活品 牌提供全方位的市场开发解决方案。我们制 定并执行定制化战略,以推动市场发展和本 地化。我们的服务包括批发、公关和社交媒 体、电子商务、零售发展、跨界合作和融资。