Contemporary designer brand Du Ann portrays a group of sunny and artistic young urbanite by using creative design language. They are optimistic and cheerful, love nature, pay attention to but do not catch up with the trend. Today, with the rapid integration of Eastern and Western cultures, Du Ann has designed comfortable and creative everyday outfits for them.

当代设计师品牌Du Ann结合东西方视角。用明快,简约,优美的设计语言来表达放松的着装状态。刻画了一群阳光并有艺术气息的都市年轻创意人。他们坚定梦想,乐观善良,喜爱大自然,关注但不追赶潮流。在东西方文化快速交融的今天,Du Ann为他们设计舒适且具有创意的日常时尚着装。