Études represents a global experience of visual culture. Established in 2012, the brand operates across platforms ranging from men and womens wear to publishing, at once reflecting and engaging the contemporary landscape through diverse but distinct content. This hybrid practice is guided by a strong emphasis on experimentation, collaboration and the group’s collective vision translated through a fluid merging of reference, method, and medium.

Études代表了一种全球性的视觉文化体验。建立在2012和基于巴黎和纽约之间, 品牌经营跨越平台, 从男装到出版, 一次反映和参与的当代景观, 通过多样化但不同的内容。指导这一混合实践是一个强烈的强调实验和协作, Études的集体愿景通过流体合并的参考, 方法和媒介。