Established in 2013, SANKUANZ has maintained a strong focus while continually deconstructing contemporary youth culture, proposing a vision of the future society through high-level creation. The concept of a near future where technology has significantly evolved at a rapid pace has recurrently been the source of the brand’s distinct worldview. SANKUANZ’s work  demonstrate a depth in amalgamation; different types of clothing are restructured and reconstructed into its own version of uniforms, unveiling a spirit of collectivism within an unyielding core. Innovation in materials and an appreciation for symbolism
is another significant feature.

SANKUANZ成立于2013年,关注并解构当代青年文化,借由时装创作提出对于未来社会的假想。高科技的近期未来,是其独特世界观图景的持续来源。SANKUANZ的时装作品具有深度融合的特征,不同类型的服装被重组后以制服的形态展示出来,展现出强硬内核的集体主义风貌。材料创新与作品中的符号系统也是其另一显著特征。SANKUANZ的商业价值亦得到了Puma, Vans, Casio, Teva, OnitsukaTiger等品牌的青睐,共同推出合作系列。