PR & Social Media
We support brands with PR lending and high-quality placements that raise brand awareness and generate turnover growth in sales. We provide dedicated social media services including setting-up accounts, content localization, daily operations, SEO optimization, and data reporting.
我们通过公关合作和高质量的展示平台来支 持品牌,从而提高品牌知名度并产生销售额 增长。 我们提供专门的社交媒体服务,包括设置帐 户、内容本地化、日常运营、SEO 优化和数 据报告。
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Our showroom platform connects brands with a strong buyer network spanning from multi-label boutiques, online retailers, and major retail groups. In March and October, our showroom editions for Autumn-Winter and Spring-Summer seasons take place during Shanghai Fashion Week. Besides the two campaigns, we also organize campaigns for Pre-Fall, Resort, ATS, etc., throughout the year to suit brands’ needs.
我们showroom平台将品牌与强大的买家网络 连接起来,涵盖多方品牌精品店、在线零售商 和主要零售集团,3 月和 10 月,我们将在上 海时装周期间举办秋冬和春夏展厅。除了这两 个活动外,我们还全年组织 Pre-Fall、Resort、 ATS 等活动,以满足品牌的需求。
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For brands seeking supply chain solutions, we source the right partners and manage the production process.
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Whether directly or connecting with key capital partners, we help brands seek financing in building their markets. In 2021, we created a joint venture with Études to expand their market development in China. The new company exclusively distributes Études ready-to-wear and accessories collections and manages PR, e-commerce and exclusive projects on our market.
无论是直接还是间接与主要资本合作伙伴建 立联系,我们都帮助品牌在建立市场时寻求 融资。 2021年,DFO与Études成立了一家合资企业, 以扩大其在中国的市场开发。新公司独家分 销 Études 成衣和配饰系列,并管理其市场 上的公关、电子商务和独家项目。
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We help brands build online distribution on major online platforms including Tmall,, and POIZON, etc. Operated directly by our on-ground team in Shanghai, we provide the same services as logistics and marketing TPs, from strategic planning to day-to-day operations and SEO optimization.
DFO帮助品牌在天猫、京东、POIZON等主要 在线平台建立在线分销,由上海的地面团队直 接运营。 同时也提供与物流和营销TP相同的服务, 从战略规划到日常的运营和SEO优化。
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China-exclusive Capsules
We help brands launch exclusive limited capsule collections for our market.
We take part in the strategy and design, and fully operate the communication, marketing, and distribution.
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Buying Office
We provide Buying Office service during the European fashion weeks for our VIP clients to place orders for key international brands. We accompany our VIP clients to Paris and Milan showrooms or help them with ordering. For brands seeking Buying Office services, we introduce matching retailers with deep penetration into China’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-tier cities.
欧洲时装周期间, DFO为VIP 客户提供国际 重要品牌的采购服务。陪同 VIP 客户前往巴 黎和米兰的陈列室或帮助他们订购。 对于寻求Buying Office服务的品牌,引入深 度渗透中国1、2、3、4线城市的配套零售商。
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Retail Development
We help brands establish retail opportunities and set up retail operations in our markets. We are working with leading retailers from China, including both international and prominent local groups such as K11, Lane Crawford, I.T., Galeries Lafayette, SKP, the Bailian Group, among others.
我们帮助品牌建立零售机会并在我们的市场建 立零售业务,并正与中国领先的零售商合作, 包括国际和本地知名集团,如 K11、连卡佛、 I.T.、老佛爷百货、SKP、百联集团等。
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