3×1 was launched in 2011 by denim designer and entrepreneur Scott Morrison.​ The brand is bringing back its authentic and sophisticated denim fits, ​designed for women who have an eye for detail and craftsmanship. ​3×1 is known for experimenting with selvedge ​denim, sourced from mills around the world, ​and for playing with new designs, combining ​quality fabrics with flattering fits to create ​timeless and minimal silhouettes.

纽约高端牛仔品牌,3×1 Denim的创始人是牛仔时装界巨头Scott Morrison,品牌名称源自牛仔面料的织法“3X1 RHT” ( right hand twill ) 也是设计师Scott所创建的第叁个牛仔品牌,经营理念量小而精,并培养了一批顶级工匠,他们有着精湛的工艺,用的面料与製作工艺,让牛仔裤上的所有细节变成了旋律紧密的音符,且限制牛仔裤一天的出產数,可见品牌对於品质相当的注重。