Christian Wijnants is a designer brand that stands for modern luxury and innovative designer clothing. The brand presents 4 collections a year during Paris Fashion Week including 2 Pre collections and 2 runway shows on the official Calender, and since Winter 2019 two menswear collections.
The brand is based in Antwerp and is sold in more than 100 retailers worldwide including department Stores, multibrand boutiques and online stores. Clients over the years included a.o. Le Bon Marché /Paris, lsetan /Tokyo, Tomorrowland /Tokyo, Park /Vienna, Mameg /Los Angeles, Opening Ceremony /New York, Harvey Nichols /London, Le Printemps /Paris…

The collections are based on inventive knitwear, colorful prints and fluid dressing with a feminine style and poetic approach.
The brand opened its first Flagship Store in October 2016 in Antwerp with Swedish architect Andreas Bozarth Fornell, soon followed by the Online Store. In 2018 Christian Wijnants designed his first Shoes Collection for Winter 2018.

设计师Christian Wijnants毕业于安特卫普皇家艺术学院,在为Raf Simons、Bernhard Willhelm和Veronique Branquinho设计秀场作品的过程中,对针织品产生了浓厚的兴趣。依靠着丰富的纺织经验,Christian Wijnants于2003年创立了自己的同名品牌。崇尚现代奢华和新颖设计,品牌以创新的针织衫、多彩的印花和流畅的着装为基础,利用女性化的风格和诗意的手法增强自己的风格。