FAÇON JACMIN intertwines Belgian design identity and denim innovation. Modern sensibilities shine through ‘trompe l’oeil’ elements, offering an international appeal that resonates with discerning fashion enthusiasts. Each piece is a tale of empowerment, weaving a narrative of confidence and style.​ The brand is dedicated to sustainable design practices, breathing new meaning into materials and infusing each garment with a renewed purpose.

FAÇON JACMIN将比利时设计特色与牛仔布创新巧妙交织融合。每一季系列都体现了现代感,融合了“错视”的元素,具有国际吸引力。品牌确保可持续的设计理念 – 为材料注入新的意义,为每件服装赋予更新的目的。每一件作品都编织着自信和风格且赋予力量。