Giuliano Calza’s vision for GCDS was to give what is ‘Made in Italy’ a younger approach. He continued his student career in Shanghai at the Shanghai University, once finished he returned back to his native country and founded the brand with his brother Giordano Calza in 2015. The brand gained an important momentum by integrating it’s Made In Italy fashion with a strong visual identity in collaboration with world-renowned creative pioneers like Nadia Lee Cohen, Renelle Mendrano and Brianna Capozzi.

Giuliano Calza对GCDS的设想是,给“意大利制造”一种更年轻的方式。他上海大学继续他的学生生涯,完成后他回到了他的祖国,并在2015年与他的兄弟Giordano Calza一起创建了这个品牌。该品牌与Nadia Lee Cohen、Renelle Mendrano和Brianna Capozzi等世界知名创意先锋合作,将意大利制造的时尚与强烈的视觉识别融合在一起,获得了重要的动力。